Less is more - the Triumph Bobber ORCA by Hookie Co.

Less is more – Triumph Bobber Orca

This was our personal challenge – build a one-off bike in a typical Hookie Design with only a few changes.

If you have been following us for a few years, you will surely know the one or another bobber conversion from us. For example the “Jackal“, a small SR250, which we developed and built with the motto “Slow down”. We would also add the “Foxtrotter“, a HD Shovelhead, which convinced in looks especially with in small details. And that’s what we want to do at Hookie – design that works well even with just small changes. Change the whole look of the bike with functional accessories and attachments. That was also the reason when we decided 2 years ago not to use older motorcycles as a basis, but to concentrate on the minimal design and the development of small functional parts. This was not a decision that had anything to do with design – it was more an economic decision! From individual Moto-Kits to innovative and functional add-on parts, we will show you an insight into the development and creation of a Hookie Custombike using the example of the Orcas.

Yamaha SR250
Build in 2015

Harley Davidson Shovelhead
Build in 2017

With every Hookie conversion, a new product range is developed at the same time, following functional and new approaches. Every project follows the same receipt – we take a look at the bike in its shell and then the ideas flow. Quickly sketches are made and we discuss them as a team. The whole design process and also product development takes place internally. A team of two Hookie product designers develop future products from prototype to serial parts. First parts are printed on our 3D printer and assembled for the purpose of accuracy of fit. Most of the time Nico has to realize the ideas immediately and see if it works. Is the line right, does the seating position fit? Is the handlebar too high, too low?

After the prototyping phase, or rather already during this phase, the right material is researched. We still place great emphasis on the internal production of the parts or a regional production. Sometimes some parts are still made by hand, but more and more often we use modern methods like 3D printing. It is the mix that makes the difference. This is also true for our new bobber ‘Orca‘.

Dazzle° Cover
3D printed in translucent SLA
Now available

Rapid° Indicators
Stickable indicators for handlebars
Now available

Once the big questions have been answered and the body shell is right, the parts go straight to the painter or finishing department. Then we have to wait until the parts come back and we can finally install them. After the final assembly is the moment when we want to share it with you. Unfortunately we can’t share it with you during the process as we would like to, often our ideas are stolen faster than we can say “hooked”. We are also very hooked by our Orca, which is available in limited edition. Here I would like to quote Nico “The Orca shows the potential that only small changes can have a big impact on the overall effect”. Now if you want to know how the Orca life sounds and are interested in the technical details, take a look at the video. Enjoy watching, stay healthy and always ride safe. Play Hookie!


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