Triumph Bobber Black ORCA with parts made by Hookie Co.

ORCA Triumph Bobber – the black edition

Black is such a happy color!

If you have been knowing Hookie for a long time, you have surely noticed that we love the color black! With our new conversions, we increasingly rely on cheerful colors and lighter tones, but black remains the most beautiful “color” for us. So it stands to reason that we would like to offer each of our motorcycle designs in black as well. Obviously the ORCA looks pretty good in it!

“You can wear black at any time. You can wear black at any age.  You may wear it for almost any occasion.”

Hookie parts for Triumph Bobber in black and for any occasion

For the rebuild and design of our ORCA, it was especially challenging to completely transform the look of the original Triumph Bobber with only a few parts. The design concept as well as the complete conversion process were already recorded in our first journal post about the ORCA. 

For the black ORCA we use the same parts. Only the DAZZLE cover, the BULLET turn signals and the FROZEN grips were made in black for the black ORCA and we are delighted how the complete character of the bike changes through the color adaptation! The GUARD radiator and SNUG solo seat make the conversion perfect. 

If you’re interested or have questions about the conversion, please contact us! We will help you further.

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