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BMW RNineT: A trained bird of prey

The thin and tapered wings of a falcon allows them to fly at high speed and change directions rapidly.

His average diving speed is more then 300km/h (220mph), they are the birds with the fastest speed ever recorded on a self-powered flight, and the fastest endurance flight. A real king of the sky and a big inspiration for us and our newest project a BMW R Nine T. It’s actually the first modern bike which we take apart and doing a whole new design relationship. The R Nine T was inquired by a client from Switzerland, who was looking for a customizer who rethink the whole design and giving the R9T a classic look. The only input from the client and inspiration was a Brough Superior SS100 which comes in a very specific design. We were really hooked from this idea and looked forward to customize our first R Nine T.

At the end we have to say, to rebuild an R Nine T was never a mission for us. After a thousands of nice and awful R Nine T’s, we won’t be one of the next customizer who did another terrible rebuild. But we hope we could show a new rethink of the design and what’s possible with small changes. Now we love this type of motorcycle, it’s a great donor bike to get an awesome modern motorcycle with a classic look and a good performance. We’ve had never thought we’ll say thinks like that. 😉


And now, just start the video and get the full throttle of the R Nine T.


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