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The fairing of the Black Mamba

Did you already know? The black mamba is widely perceived as the deadliest snake on the planet. Bringing the venom character into a motorcycle was our biggest challenge so far. We knew it needs to be small, slim and cautious. But the head must be clean with a toxic look. In this Blogpost, we love to show you a little sneak peak, about the build of the fairing, the head of our black mamba.


A fairing isn’t an easy fabrication job. The shape, the size and the lines are very important. Even for our own individual fairings, we tried many aftermarket fairings before we actually got started. Anyways, at the end all fairings didn’t get the final look that we want.  To find a clean solution for a fairing holder it took me several hours to develop a concept. I wanted it to be easy removable and I’m a huge fan of original brackets and as less useless frame modifications as possible. The holder therefore is made out of steel for which we actually used the original bracket that was fixed on the lower tube. On the upper frame, we decided to go with a 1-Screw solution and we drilled a small hole. The front side is just a clean steel plate that allows us to install the final rack for the fairing.



I used my favorite material, steel. Following I started over with a wireframe out of steel rods. It allowed me to check the shape constantly and it was much easier to adjust. After 1 hour, I got half a fairing and the next step was to reflect the lines for the other side. 2 hours later we got the final shape and I was very happy with it. Another advantage of the wireframe is that we can easily produce the templates for the outer material. The cover is made out of 0,75mm steel and is weld right on the wireframe.



Our painter of trust, Adrian Flor, took over the finishing of our fairing. High glossy black, just like the head of a Black Mamba. Adrian spent almost 4-6 hours just to get the perfect ground even though he’s a specialist of sanding and polishing.

At the moment, the demand for our fairing is quite high, but unfortunately, we can’t rebuild it right now. Nonetheless we hardly work on a fairing that is useable to all types of Hondas. See more pictures of our “Venom Inside” collection bike “Black Mamba” in our projects and on our collection page.


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