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Tardigrade at Petersen Automotive Museum

After a long delay and a lot of paperwork, the Tardigrade was finally shipped to the USA in mid-October. With an Apple airtag, we were able to track the Tardigrade’s journey the whole time. For far too long the last status was the airport in Amsterdam. No update for days… And then finally, a new location. The Tardigrade is transported to its final destination.

Since early November, the Tardigrade has been on display in the current ADV:Overland exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. The Automotive Museum was founded by Robert E. Petersen and his wife Magie. The museum houses 300 vintage passenger cars, with 150 exhibits on display at a time in rotation, covering an area of 100,000 Sqft (approximately 9300 m²). This makes the museum one of the largest automotive collections in the world.

The ADV exhibition itself, is dedicated to the future and the past of mobility. On display is the first bicycle to cross the USA, but also NASA’s concepts for the first Mars Rover. And right next to the Space Mobil from the series „Lost in space“, the TARDIGRADE is now on display. A significant moment and a great honor for Hookie.

Unfortunately we couldn’t visit the exhibition personally due to corona. But we will do it next year in spring. So if you see the Tardigrade at the Petersen, feel free to link us on your pictures.

In January the youtube episode will follow. Until then, enjoy the pictures of the exhibition!

Thanks to our partners:
Syntainics / Puraglobe

Photos by Jose Gallina


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