CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT
CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT

CAKE ÖSA+ "Custom" ANT

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 The Bike shown is just an example.

The Cake ÖSA+ “Custom” ANT shows all the custom potential. Handpainted, crazy colors or corporate brandings. Everything is possible! Based on the Cake ÖSA platform you’ll get a perfect everyday commuter. With the additional parts of Hookie you can change also the footpeg postion and add your backpack or shopping bags directly (hook is included). The battery storage basket also offers additional space for clothing or other small stuff. Let’s ride with zero emission and let us know if you have further questions!

Only available for customers from Germany. Contact us for further information.

Disc: Stainless steel, 220mm diameter, 3.2mm thickness
Type: Motorcycle brake system, four piston calipers. Hand levers for both front- and rear brake. Combined brake system (EU only).


Rear sprocket
87 teeth, Gates mudport technology

Torque (motor axle)

Torque (wheel)

Direct drive, Gates belt drive

Regulatory Classification
L3e-A1E (EU / Motorcycle (USA)

A1 (EU) / M1 (USA)

Ride modes
3 different ride modes for extended range, balanced performance or maximum power.
Speed & Range

Mixed city riding (WMTC-II): 84km. High speed riding (70km/h): 36km

Top speed
+90km/h / +56mph

Weight: 17 kg
Voltage (nominal): 50.4V
Capacity: 50Ah / 2.6kWh
Cells: Premium 21700 lithium cells
Easily removable, can be charged when installed in bike or separately. Integrated SoC indicator. Intelligent battery management system for increased safety and performance optimization. Integrated 5V outlet for phones, tablets and other small electronic devices. Integrated 12V outlet for computers, speakers and other medium duty electronic devices

0-100% 3 hours, 0-80% 2 hours

Complete Bike without Battery

Max. permittable load
230kg (bike + battery + rider + passenger + carry-on items)

14"x2.15" custom designed lightweight motorcycle rims

140/70x14" dual sport motorcycle tires

The street legal bikes are homologated for the specific country the bike is delivered to. That means that lights, blinkers and other "street legal necessities" might differ in look, style and dimensions, everything to meet the local regulations. That means that details might look different from the product photo. The specs, such as range, speed and power are not estimated by CAKE. The numbers are the result from the European homologation test, WMTC-II.

Customers from Germany:
Shipping is organized by Hookie and is additionally 300,00€.

Customers from abroad:
Shipping is organized by the customer. If you need help in organizing the transport of the bike, we will be happy to help you with our contacts.

Donor Bike: Cake Ösa Plus
Parts and Accessories:
– LED Koso Headlight with bracket (black)
– Mainbody (custom color available)
– 3x Bodyshell brackets (black)
– Storage Basket (custom color available)
– Rucksack Hooks (black)
– Seat with Vegan Alcantara (custom color available)
– 1 pair FROZEN Grips
– RAPID Indicators (black)
– LED Taillight Unit (black)
– Footpeg Plates (custom color available)
– Set of tires
*Mirrors not included

Sure! Send us your ideas to and we’ll see what and how we can go further.

If we have your desired part in stock, we usually ship within 1-2 working days.

You are welcome to call us on +49 351 84169260 during our opening hours, stop by at our garage for a Hookiecino, or email us at

Hookie is powered by the future and its moto culture.