Off to new horizons – introducing project “TARDIGRADE”

As is well known, there are no limits to the imagination. Not ours anyway. Because at Hookie, we have always played with standards, habits and conventions. In 2021 we want to push the boundaries of what is possible even further. Of to new horizons, Hookie is reaching for the stars!

As a symbol of this departure, we are building something unprecedented. A motorcycle, of course, but not a conventional one. Instead, we’ve taken inspiration from the design of the NASA motorcycle by the Russian designer Andrew Fabishevskiy. His dreamy vision of an exploration vehicle for the moon has inspired us so much that we now really want to get the fictitious study into reality – as a drivable bike with electric drive.

So this extravagant space vehicle is anything but an ordinary custom bike. Like every creation from Dresden, it stands for smart solutions, uniqueness and performance. This is why the NASA motorcycle is also bearing an animal name – a tradition for all Hookie builds:

Meet the Tardigrade, a very small, but extremely resistant creature. It survives the most extreme environmental conditions. Even the hostile moon surface cannot harm it, as the failure of an Israeli moon landing in 2019 proved. Several thousand tardigrades were lost after crashing on the moon. Scientist are convinced, they can be revived. Without oxygen and water, they fall into a deep, frosty sleep which lasts for decades.

Of course, the lunar motorcycle won’t actually be shot to the earth’s satellite. Something ground contact has been retained. But with the realization of this completely fantastic space vehicle, we want to dare a thought experiment that also raises questions about our future: What would life beyond planetary boundaries look like? What demands does outer space make on a bike that can travel in the darkness of space and largely from the shackles of gravity over icy lunar dust? And how far away are we from such scenarios?

So the NASA bike is more than just a functional means of transportation. We see it also as a projection surface for fantasies and longings. In the saddle of this unique electric motorcycle – with carbon-sprung single-sided swing arms, balloon tires from the 3D printer and drive-by-wire steering – all hopes of an exciting future between the moon crater and the space station should be fulfilled. However, the realization of the extra-terrestrial concept will be a completely new experience for Hookie. Because beyond the creation of a utopia, it means one thing above all: new technologies, new materials and new perspectives for our team. That’s exactly the attraction Hookie is looking for! At the same time, the project allows us to live out our passion for space to the fullest. We can show what our network of engineers, pioneers and idealists is capable of. Despite all our vision, we remain true to the typical Hookie DNA. The Moon motorcycle will also be smart, aesthetic and unique.

However, it will still take some time from the vision to the unique bike that can be ridden. But the development at our headquarters has already begun. The progress of the construction will be documented in this blog and with the help of our media partners Vintagent, Iron&Air and Bike Exif. With the world premiere at the Petersen Automotive Museum (Los Angeles) in the summer of 2021, Hookie wants to prove that even fantastic ideas can mature into a real, tangible object. All it takes is a vision and curiosity about the unknown.


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