About Hookie Co. – Part 1 - Hookie Co.

About Hookie Co. – Part 1

Do you know these ideas that don’t let you sleep at night? With the idea of Hookie Co. it was the same. We wanted to challenge our creativity and create something that would survive the time – so in 2015 we started Hookie Co. as an official business and moved into our new garage. This was one of the most thrilling moments when we switched from 50qm to nearly 300qm – then the challenge started.

The old workshop 2011 – 2015

It was a real man’s cave – „I started wrenching as a method to keep the balance with my work as a web designer and the resources of my ideas. I had the best self time there. A Cozy little place with Huge windows – Perfect to calm down.

In this environment we build our first Honda CB 750 and the idea for Hookie Co. began to grow“ Nico Mueller, Founder of Hookie Co.

The new workshop

When the idea of Hookie Co. was born, we had to leave the old cave. It limited our new ideas that we wanted to bring alive. So we searched for a new motorcycle Shrine.

It should be the spot of spots – an open place for everyone who rides, loves and builds motorcycles. And at the end we found it. This new Garage is big enough for creative concepts and events.


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