Let's celebrate 5 years of Moto Design - Hookie Co.

Let’s celebrate 5 years of Moto Design

How it all began – Motorcycle design as a means of expression

It is now more than 10 years ago that Nico Müller started to define motorcycles as his new tool and means of expression for design. He bought his first motorcycle, an XS650, even before his motorcycle driving licence. It was probably his rebellious answer to his everyday life as a web and interface designer. And not only did he like the customized motorcycle, but online there were also first fans. Right from the start Nico Müller shared his ideas and motorcycles on a tumblr under the pseudonym “The Hookie” and inspired other motorcycle enthusiasts who were like him. Autodidactically he taught himself metalworking and welding of steel and aluminium.

The demand for his motorcycles increased, and so in 2015 he went the way to independence with me, the partner in crime, Sylvia Müller. Together we turned his hobby and the passion for motorcycles into a business. The idea at that time for the foundation – to establish a motorcycle lifestyle brand internationally. Hookie Co. was founded on 2 July 2015. Completely naive, but with a lot of passion and also many ideas in mind we moved into a 300 sqm hall soon after. Within a few weeks we built a showroom with workshop from an empty hall. If we look at the pictures now, the hall at that time is particularly noticeable because it still looks damn empty. 

From hobby to real business

I remember exactly how happy we were about the promise that the then most famous blog “Bike Exif” would publish the pictures of the Honda CB750 and the whole conversion. That was the end of 2014 and we (Nico, David and me) were really excited. The pictures and publication of the conversion were then shared on other blogs and channels, our fan community grew, and so did our circle of customers. One of our first customers was Markus Flossmann from YT Industries, we thank him until today for his confidence in our young business. The same goes for the presenter and Youtube star “Jean Pierre Krämer”, who approached us at the end of 2015 and asked if the bike from the pictures was real. For him we built “Alcedo“, a Honda CB750. With his Youtube video he helped us significantly to get more publicity. In words hardly to express how much that meant to us. Until today one of the most lasting contacts and we are thankful for this wonderful cooperation and getting to know him.

30 years old carbs

What then followed were many more individual motorcycle conversions. The demand was great, but so was the cost of an individual Hookie motorcycle. And not always everything went smoothly. Some of the motorcycles have up to 30 years on the carburetors and not only every screw has to be replaced. The costs for the conversion and restoration are very high. Actually, we have always been more concerned with the design and the customers than with the costly restoration of engines. And we also did not want to build motorcycles exclusively for one single person anymore. The experience when we could hand over a customer his motorcycle again was finally unbelievably motivating. We wanted more of that. Much more. There had to be Hookie for everyone who loves design as much as we do. We were looking for a new solution to meet the demand for an individual Hookie bike and still remain true to our character. In 2018 Nico finally developed a new approach to custom motorcycle design that we can reproduce in small quantities. The focus is no longer on restoration, but solely on design and genuine handcraft. Because all add-on parts are all made by hand, or by partners in the region.

We convert your old motorcycle into a new one

In our Big picture everyone should be able to drive a Hookie Moto. Even with little know-how everyone should be able to turn his bike into a completely new bike with our products. After the launch in October 2018 at the Allrideshow in Prague Hookie presented itself for the first time as a manufacturer and not as a customizer. Hookie is now a brand that helps to transform old and new motorcycles into custom bikes. 

Build not bought

And this brings us straight to our second approach, we want to make “motorcycle conversion” more sustainable. With our design solutions, we are extending the life cycle of old motorcycles. Make new from old, or build not bought!

When we now see to which countries our moto kits and products are shipped, we are even more proud. From Australia, to Europe, Canada and the USA. Even in Iceland a Hookie rides the streets. Dear friends, followers and dear customers – We thank you for your trust and ongoing support. As a thank you, we will be raffling off on July 2nd on Instagram 5 x Hookie Retro Packages filled with a high quality photo print, a Hookie Co. longsleeve, a Hookie Sticker Pack, and the strictly limited international Craftrad edition. Follow us on Instagram!

Now have fun with our little compilation of 5 years of motorcycle design and a look behind the scenes:


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