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Inspiration Monday by Nico

The daily dose of inspiration are the ingredients for our output at hookie. Nico is really addicted to recognize every signal of new inspirations from different channels. As we’re often asked where we get our ideas from, here come the Top 5 of Nico’s Inspiration:


1. Go Takamine

Founder and Creative Head of Bratstyle who managed to create an own and very unique style for custom bikes, by now widely known as “the Bratstyle”. Go already moved to the United States and built one of a kind motorcycles mostly based on Indian and Harley. Thanks Go for these inspiring builds!


2. Friends of Type

I´m a huge fan of good typography and art with letters. So in irregular intervals I check and enjoy it!


3. We are West America

“liberty, spontaneity, nakedness, mystery, wildness, wilderness.” a group of dudes which lives life as it should be and a channel get lost in. High risk of death through wanderlust #enjoythegood


4. Death Spray Custom

I never met him, but I´m a long time fan boy of his work. His graphics and art is more a collage consisting of cars, bikes and retro perspectives. Great color schemes apart on awesome patterns. Head over to his instagram


5. Scott G. Toepfer

Photographer and director in southern California. He inspired me with his beautiful photography that doesn’t need thousands of presets and photoshop magic. A great mixture of commercial work and pure californian life. This channel awakens the wish of moving to California in me …



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