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Am I able to build the Moto-Kit by myself?
Yes you are. We launch a tutorial soon. Stay tuned!

How long does the change (rebuild) take, when I do it by myself?
The build needs at least round about 2-3 hours. And you don’t need an expert level for that. We’ll show you soon in our tutorial.
Do I lose the warranty of my BMW RNineT?
Yes, because we need to remove the air filter.
Can I bring my BMW RNineT to Hookie and you change it for me?
Yes, we offer the service to rebuild your RNineT. You just need to bring your bike or dispatch it via a transport company. The whole build takes at least 3-4weeks.
I love your Chameleon, can I have the whole Look of the bike too?
Yes of course, we also offer complete builds, like the chameleon or individual ideas. Just send us a mail at hello(at)hookie.co


How can I order a Hookie Co. custom bike? We love to hear your ideas! Please write us at hello(at)hookie.co


Do you offer individual parts? Sorry, but in the moment we totally concentrate on our Moto-Kits and don’t offer individual parts.

What are your worldwide shipping options? We have a list for every country you can see here shipping and return. If you couldn’t find your country, please contact us at order(at)hookie.co
How can you cancel your order? You made a mistake and need to cancel your order? No worries, these things happen. Just drop us a note with your order number and send the items back to Hookie. Read more about the return on the site shipping and return.

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