Ilya Morgan and his CB750 - Hookie Co.

Ilya Morgan and his CB750

Ilya just got his black Hookie CB750 „Vultur“ and he was so happy about it, that we decided to share this special moment with you. During the whole process, he became more than a normal customer to us. So, we would love to introduce him now with some little questions:

Hi Ilya, you are the proud owner of a Hookie CB750 now. When exactly did the wish for the caferacer come up? A few years ago, I was driving up to Malibu and I saw several custom bikes passing by in Los Angeles. It was that moment that left me both hooked and curious. I began to read bike blogs, I subscribed to online magazines about custom bikes from around the globe. Through my research I found my Hookie Bike – your signature piece, the CB 750.

When we met the first time, you used to be a brand-new biker. How long do you have the license now or more important how long have you been on 2 wheels? For just one year but it has been a great year as ever since I have been fascinated by the idea and the opportunity to ride on a custom CB 750. Can you describe your very first ride with your new Hookie? Where have you been? My first ride was through my home town of Berlin and the green outskirts of Brandenburg.

What are your first thoughts about this beauty? What do you love the most? It was love at first sight for me. The design is absolutely to my taste, I love the perfect balance between raw touches and modern design. Many people might envy you now. So, put up or shut up – will you ever let friends ride your bike? Not a chance! Would you share the one you love with anybody else? Hahaha. No honestly not. Ilya, you quite often say you are originally from the US, so where exactly were you born? I was born in California, inbetween Malibu and LA. I grew up in Frankfurt until moving to Berlin.

And for how long do you live in Berlin now? I have been living in Berlin since 2000. I came here through my work in the music industry. Sounds interesting, can you tell us more about your professional background? I started in the music industry as a passionate musician and DJ, but ended up later in the fashion industry. Around 2001, there was the break down of the music industry – this forced me to restart. I didn’t want to move into a career that was too far away from what I had already done, so the fashion industry was an interesting progression. I started at American Apparel in 2003. We had team of only 5 managers back then. It was so much of a success that in 2005, I founded my company Deluxe Distribution with my business partner. I left AA entirely in 2009, shortly before the problems knocked on their door in downtown LA.

Caferacer become more and more kind of a fashion accessory. How do you feel about this trend? I always took notice of the nice bikes that I saw, but there wasn’t a bike that really grabbed my attention and I sometimes found that alot of the more commercial aspects some how seemed grey and ordinary. However, this new trend of café racers creates the same effect to see a beautiful Oldtimers. It’s so nice to see, when the bikers are dressed fashionable, fitted to their bikes.

Ok, last question regarding your sweet little family or better the “management”. We know it’s sometimes hard to organize everything so called „family-friendly“. How do you handle family, business and your hobby? I have always wanted to live my dreams on both a professional and personal level. For me, my job has to be my life and my life is also part of my job – my family have always been part of that.

You got your son initials on the top fork clamp – what does it mean to you? The initials between the handlebars are a visual reminder to ride with caution, as there is someone very special waiting for me at home, my little son J.P. Thank you, Ilya, for answering all our questions.

Allzeit gute Fahrt und enjoy the good!


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