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How to – Under Seat Electronics

We’re often asked where we put all the electronics and the battery to keep the overall look for our Honda CB750 Caferacer clean and simple? With every build we did over the last months and years we gradually developed and designed a simple Under Seat Tray, which provides enough space for all necessary electronic parts. In our following “How to” we show you, how it works and what you need to get your custombike done:

What you need

Hookie Co. Under Seat Electronic Tray for Honda CB750 – Hex Wrench Size 5 – necessary Electronic parts

1. Insert the tray

Installing the tray is really simple and needs no special tools. Just insert it from the bottom to the top and press it slightly to hang up.

2. Mount it with your HEX Wrench

It just needs 2 bolts, 1 hex wrench and your hands. That’s it, nothing else!

3. Organize your Electronic-parts

Now you can start to arrange your electronic parts for your motorcycle. Our setup includes a motogadget M-Unit, a regulator, a pair of OKI’s, a RFID-keyless system and a fuse box. Now easily mark the positions and drill some holes.

4. Ready for wiring

Only 15 minutes later you get a clean rear frame and a perfectly organized electronic tray. Now it’s time for the wiring and enjoy the good handcraft!

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