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How to install – Seat cowl and Rear loop

  Are you ready to weld and grind? For the following “How to” you need experience in welding, grinding and a good eye for perfect lines. For all modifications in our tutorial you need more than 45 min, so organise your workshop well with all necessary tools and protection. Enjoy it and always have fun! Note: We don’t use junctions in this tutorial. If you want to build a project with a two seater it’s necessary to use junctions for a better stability!

1. Clean up the rear frame and remove unnecessary brackets.

2. Mark your cut line approx. 2cm behind the mounts for the original luggage carrier.

3. Chop off the rear struts (don’t forget your protection).

4. Clean up the cuts for a better welding result.

5. Get the right position for your Hookie Co. seat cowl and mark the cutting lines on it.

6. Shorten the rear loop to the right length.

8. Tack on the rear loop and be sure it’s straight for the perfect line.

9. Clean up the rear frame and remove the paint to weld on the brackets.

10. Mount all brackets on the bottom of the seat cowl and bring it to the right position. Mark all length and widths of the brackets on the rear frame. It’s necessary to modify the brackets for the perfect fit.

11. Tack on the brackets to the rear frame (you need a helping hand except you’re Mahadeva).

12. Finish the seat cowl. If everything fits perfectly, you can weld and grind for the final result.

You are now a proud member of the Hookie Collective #enjoygoodparts


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