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Yamaha XSR700 YARD Built: Weekly 1

Yamaha Yard Built At the end of 2018, Yamaha Germany got in touch with us with an idea of Hookie taking part in the 2019 Yamaha German Yard build. Naturally, we were instanly hooked and we are very excited about the opportunity to work with them. A brand new XSR700 was delivered in the middle of January to our workshop and we started right away with the disassembling of all parts such as fuel tank, seat, covers and other small parts. This will be our very first modern Yamaha – The XSR700 is a quality built motorcycle, with comfortable seat height, short and sporty, light weight and is a lot of fun to ride.
For the upcoming Yard Built – We have a rough direction of our design and after some initial sketches, we found the right concept for our vision of the XSR700. It will be called “Grasshopper” and is a mixture between Tracker and Enduro.
First step: A handmade fuel tank After the final concept sketch, Nico started to build a new fuel tank, as this is the main part of the concept, and it will transform the whole look of the motorcycle. A Hard Form model is first made to establish the shape and design of the fuel tank – a process regular used by Nico on most of his designs. A technique whichs allows him to work directly on the motorcycle. He is able to check the dimensions and lines in real time and he is then able to trim or modify the shape immeditaily. The hard foam is trimmed by a saw, sanded and grinded until the ultimate shape is achieved. The foam also allows him to make exact stencils for the final production of the tank. This form model process usually takes Nico a couple of hours for a final mockup. After the foam, Nico will replicate the tank design using 2mm aluminum sheet metal. The construction of the top of the fuel tank will be made out of 5 parts which are all handshaped. The bottom will be include also a new fuel pump flange.
Stay tuned for the next steps and have a look on our latest Instagram Yard Built Weekly post!


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