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Hookie Whookie at Allrideshow 2019

Do you know what is most important to us? To know the purpose of life and work. To know why we do what we do. Life is too short and too valuable to waste the short time we have on earth. And if you have a look at our daily life, you’ll see, that you actually do spend a lot of time at work. A time that should be used well and filled with valuable feelings. From both, an entrepreneurial point of view, but also from an employee point of view.

„The purpose of life is to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to make a difference.“

That’s why we started Hookie. At first to have more fun in our everyday life and finally to implement our ideas. But of course also for you! To inspire and to give new ideas, but also to remember the joy and happiness of life. The same of course applies to our team as well. Playing Hookie together and develop new, sustainable products in a free and inspiring space. A space with good vibrations where ideas can grow.

We had a lot of compromises in the last months and years, but we want to move on and turn that experiences into the following logical steps. We’re a team of superheroes and that’s why we started a come-together with all Hookie Members this summer to talk and reflect about what we have achieved and what things we learned. It’s called the „Hookie Whookie” and it is a strategic meetup where we brainstorm for new ideas and develop Hookie further.

… and dear reader, listener, follower and supporter, you are also a big part of what happens at Hookie. That’s why we always wanted to share our experiences and thoughts about our next steps.

This time we combined our second “Hookie Whookie” with the custombikeshow „Allrideshow 2019“ in Prague.
It was our third time attedning the show and we love the familiar feeling here. The bikes at the show are amazing and very creative and because Prague is not that far away from Dresden, we always like to go there and support Viktor and his crew. At the moment we’re working on a new design for the upcoming Moto-Kit „Racer” and are still defining last lines and edges. What we also learned over the last years was to be more careful with our ideas. Our ideas are our highest good. So the question was how we can show the new „Racer“ without showing it? Cancelling the show was not an option. But what we know that „We are better together“ and what happens when you focus on thinking about a solution together? You will probably end up having an even bigger idea.

That’s exactly what happened at the Allrideshow. We came to the conclusion to simply present the motorcycle in a shipping box. So we drilled some holes in the side planks so you can have a look on the inside and only allow a glimpse. And what should I say, it worked out perfectly.

Here are some behind the scenes of our “Hookie Whookie” and of course the “Allrideshow”. Enjoy it and don’t forget to dance the “Hookie Whookie”.

P.S. We stayed on a houseboat the whole weekend which was awesome and is absolutely recommendable. The boat was close to the city centre and we drove almost to the castle with our small dinghy. Ok, the boat wasn’t exactly a speedboat, but the feeling was great anyway. And we are very happy and thankful for the inspirational input from Enrico (Loose Screw) and on the other side very sad about missing Max and Stephanie, as they both where sick at home. Let’s see what we do at our next Hookie Whookie and who will be joining us!

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