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Hookie venom ice for hot days!

It’s getting cold as ice, baby!

This post is all about how to surprise your girlfriend and to earn some „best-boyfriend“ credits. Therefore we prepared a little recipe that tells you how to make a fresh poison ice all by yourself. Are you ready?

What you need:

10x homemade ice buckets (100ml) 1x Hookie Venom pineapple with Matcha tea 650ml pineapple juice ½ x pineapple

Here you go with the 3 steps for your yummy venom summer ice (10 portions):

1. Brew the venom pineapple with Matcha tea

Start the boiler, and let it warm for a few minutes. When the water has reached the piping hot temperature of 100 celsius you can start with the tea creation. The proper mixture is key! For the perfect flavor profile use 4-5 full heaped tablespoons and mix it with 250ml water.

2. Get the fruits ready

While the hot tea is taking a little chill timeout you can already slice the pineapple.

3. Mix it baby

For the perfect taste put 65ml fresh pineapple juice and a slice fresh pineapple in every ice bucket. Following this, add 35ml venom inside tea and some bits of the tea herbs. Now put it in the cooler and wait until it’s cold as ice baby!

And now: Enjoy the tasty venom ice!


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