Build. Grow. Change. - Hookie celebrate 6 year motorcycle design

Good times ahead – 6 years Hookie!

Build. Grow. Change.

When Hookie started as a backyard custom garage 6 years ago we formed our business from day one to a sustainable business environment. With our Moto-Kit technology we gave everyone the opportunity to customize their bike with a completely new design – in the end we extend the life cycle of those motorcycles.

The commitment of Hookie is always to grow organically and healthy to give us enough space for creativity and ideas. In the last year we mastered a lot of small and big challenges which define us more and more. One of them was definitely to finish the COBRA and also to develop new Moto-Kits like the SCORPION and ORCA. With this new range of kits we are a step further to completing our zoo for sustainable motorcycle design-parts. And with our upcoming steps, we’re more than happy to be part of the future of motorcycling!

What’s coming in the future?

One of our biggest steps for sure is to realize a concept sketch into a real motorcycle. The TARDIGRADE pushed our team into the cosmos of electric drivetrains and futuristic designs. Our mindsets and skillsets grew fast and between all these tight deadlines and developing stages we also finalized the very first (worldwide) Moto-Kit for the CAKE Ösa model range. What a milestone!

We’re extremely proud to be part of the new e-movement and will share more ideas, concepts and products soon. 

The development of the last few months brings us more and more in the direction that we have long been playing – More sustainability in motorcycling. We are already creating a resource-saving production through our local partners, but an essential ingredient to close the circle of sustainability is missing.

We are honored to announce, that we joined the revOILution!

It’s easy to say “Save the Planet” without changing anything.But we’re really proud to announce our new partnership with PURAGLOBE.

PURAGLOBE develops technologies that help future-proof oil and other natural resources. How does it work? PURAGLOBE produces SYNTAINICS —sustainable base oils, engine oils and lubricants. They use patented technology to collect and transform used oil into sustainable base oil—while drastically reducing CO2 emissions during the process by about 80% compared to crude oil refining.

SYNTAINICS engine oils are the first commercially available fully synthetic engine oils made 100% with sustainable base oils and high-tech additives that deliver truly outstanding performance.

When we first heard about PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS, we were hooked. We wanted to be a part of the revOILution!  And now we’re committed to using SYNTAINICS sustainable motor oils in all of the motorcycle engines for our upcoming projects.

Together with PURAGLOBE, we’re not just looking into the future for ideas—we’re actually helping to future-proof the ways we use motor oil more sustainably. Off we go to the next 6 energetic years and beyond!



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