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Going wild for 3 days

Playing Hookie – since we founded Hookie, we always wanted to give our team some motivation. Sometimes there is breakfast in the morning, which we combine with a planning meeting, or BBQ and a little brainstorming in the evening.

For most of the time it’s rather difficult to hold the balance between business and hobby and this year was definitely more about business. So we are very happy to bring the whole Hookie family to the second year of “Wildays” at the Verena de’ Melegari, which is located between the city of Parma and the Apennines. Three days full of racing motorcycles, staring at motorcycles, finest food, good music and sunburns. For more information about the wildays: https://www.wildays.com


One thing will be different from last yearBikeExif is one of the biggest motorcycle plattforms and this year they support the “Wildays-Festival” with their huge media audience. There will also be a very unique and special BikeShow and we’re happy to announce that our newest build – The Wolf – will be part of it. Other bikes like our “Tasmanian Devil” or the “Hyena” will be showing up at our own stand. So you’re invited to come along, stare at motorcycles or just chat with us!


Hookie is going wild! We produced some very limited and hand screenprinted shirts and bags for the festival, which will exclusively be available at “Wildays“.

See you there, come along and grab a Hookie Co. bundle!


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