Fortune favours the bold - Hookie Co.

Fortune favours the bold

It’s a normal tuesday morning at Hookie Co. — the garage door swipes up and the room gets filled with the golden light of bright shining autumn sun. Our “Microcimbali” is already boiling and Nico brews the first Espresso of the day. The Spotify playlist mixed up some good vibes while we sit down to our daily morning meeting. Main subjects, of course, are our recent motorcycle projects and the little oil leak of a CB750. We’re working on old motorcycles and you always have to deal with unexpected problems, so we start with troubleshooting. Again we get distracted by minor issues and we’re already behind the shedule. Last week was a blast – the CB750 started for the first time. Every time a completely restored Hookie Motorcycle comes back to life, everybody holds his breath. The sound and the feeling to be the first person who can start the engine after a complete rebuild is just amazing. A strong and powerful “ROOOOAAARR” sounds through the garage. Good work! But then we spotted the first drips of oil beneath the engine. We figure it out and fixed it just in time.

“We’re glad and thankful for our customers and the community.”

Back to business – three more projects are waiting in the line and want to be finished. So we have to focus on priorities, reschedule and try to get back in time. It’s actually a full time job of four and we also have to managed the production of the preordered seat cowls, social media and shootings. All this belongs to the daily routine at Hookie Co. but real craftsmanship takes time. That’s why we’re glad and thankful for our customers and the community, because you guys are patient, interested and always open for new stuff. Every day we get plenty of mails with a bunch of questions about custom builds or specific products. Unfortunately we can’t turn most of your inquiries into reality, but we really would like to take part in your own personal custom projects. We want to help and support you so your ideas and dreams can come true. Because the “ROOOAAARR” of a unique motorcycle shouldn’t only be our pleasure, it should also let your hearts beat faster and faster and faster …

“Hookie Co. wants to become an experienced supporter and companion on your side.”

With the new idea in mind we started to think about how we can get into your garage, workshop or man caves to assist you on your current project or even in advance. A lot of sleepless nights and weeks later it became reality – our new purpose. Hookie Co. wants to become an experienced supporter and companion on your side who encourages your work or simply reminds you of the great feeling you get from riding a bike. With our new products and services we will effectively enter your creative space.

“We will follow our hearts.”

Yes, we know it’s risky and exciting to start an entirely new concept without knowing if it’s going to work. But this is how (and why) we started Hookie — we will follow our hearts. We want a drastic and complete change and start of with a flash sale. Everything in the storage has to get out – only until stock lasts. Be fast or be last! Our list of ideas are nearly infinite and a first range of products will launch in November!

Stay tuned: Relaunch on 20. November 2017 6th December 2017 at


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