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Enjoy the Good

Vegan or with meat?

Living in the village, or rather in the city?

Going on holiday, or taking the train?

To be woman or man?

Instagram or real life?

Plastic bag or paper?

Solar or wind energy?

Petrol or diesel?

Electric drive or combustion engine?

The fact that our climate and world is changing is not a trend. It is the pure truth. But how do we deal with it? What can or must we change in our everyday life? Is it enough to eat less meat or or should we just drop it? And do we have to travel by train or bike from now on? Can we still represent a flight? Is a tour by car still ok? Are we worse people and climate egoists if we don’t do everything at once? The everyday questions have shifted, it is no longer just about careers, children and where to go on holiday next, we have to protect our earth, animals and nature. But how can we make our contribution without giving up? Our everyday life is not changed overnight, it takes time to change habits and that is completely ok. Because every change, however small, helps to protect our environment. Whether the milk from the farmer in the deposit bottle, the solid shampoo, or a vegan diet. In the end, everyone decides for themselves. With “Enjoy the Good” we want to make a contribution and a first step is a conscious and plastic-free nutrition when traveling.

With our new label “Enjoy the Good” we want to appeal to enjoyment and life. Stop and take a deep breath! Whether as a family, with friends or alone – enjoy the moment. Don’t try to be perfect, the truth lies in the middle as always. “Never perfect. Always genuine.” – Life is full with ups and downs and the trick is to enjoy the good times and to be strong enough for the bad ones. In a nutshell: Enjoy your life, enjoy the Good and stay curious for a new way of life.

Beautiful moments and delicious food – Ready to enjoy. #cookedforgoodtimes #enjoythegood

Our next adventure is just around the corner. With full excitement we are looking forward to the conversion of our Chevy Van with which we would like to discover Europe as a family. If you’re interested, then check out Instagram “Enjoy the Good” and we welcome you to be a part of this journey. And yes, motorcycles will be also a part of it.


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