we are Hookie

A Moto Design Company, who are constantly rethinking the future of moto design by creating the next generation of products and concepts from an independent perspective. Powered by the future and its moto culture. Guided by craftsmanship and continual progression in design.



Garage creativity

It all started with a hobby and a backyard garage. Nico didn't even have a driver's license back then. His first motorcycle was a Yamaha XS650 where he captured the conversion in pictures on a Tumblr blog called “The Hookie” and shared it with a small community.

Starting a business

What began as a hobby became a real business with the first converted Honda CB750.

After the launch of the Honda CB750 and the very first entry on Bike Exif, Hookie Co. GmbH was founded on July 2nd, 2015. At that time still conceived as a lifestyle brand, the brand quickly grew as a custom bike forge.



Over 30 different custom bike concepts and motorcycles followed, all of them were released with an animal name. Individual design concepts were our main focus here, some of them were very complicated to implement, but also a challenge. The high demands on the implementation of each individual customer request was a constant challenge when you consider the budget.



We are leaving the path of individuality and have developed a DIY moto kit for the BMW RNineT for the first time, with which customers can also convert and customize their motorcycle themselves.


Yamaha invited us to the 2019 Yamaha Yard Built – the brief was clear – a motocross/flattrack inspired XSR700 with some 70s details. The Grasshopper was born. A combination of bolt-on parts made out of acrylic, aluminum and 3D prints. With this project we started to produced our very first 3D printed parts.




The development of the first small product series for the brands Honda, Yamaha, Triumph and BMW brought us to another very complex design concept for a BMW RNineT. The design for the cafe racer of a BMW RNineT was published with the name "Cobra" and ties in with the design of the Honda CB750 from 2015.


The constant design and product development culminated in the construction of a completely independent motorcycle in 2021. The idea here was to replicate the model in real life based on a 3D sketch by Andrey Fabishevsky. The result, a lunar motorcycle dubbed the “Tardigrade” was exhibited at the Automotive Petersen Museum. Details on the implementation of the project can be found here




With this first custom Cake Ösa, we no longer want to be a spectator but become a player in the future of motorcycles. From day one, we were more than hooked from the ÖSA. With the Cake Ösa Ant we were able to combine everything that is important to us - design, motorcycle and fast and sustainable mobility.

Unlimited exploring with zero emission 


As Hookie Company, we’ve been converting motorcycles for over 8 years now and have continuously set new standards in the field of custom motorcycles. "Think outside the box" was our focus throughout. The German TUV didn't always like that. Now we go one step further. Not only are climate changes forcing us to rethink, as you know, we’re always interested in new topics. The combustion engine played an increasingly insignificant role - the design for it an ever greater role. Conclusion is; we need space for creativity and for new mobility concepts. But it takes courage and strength to make changes. We are now taking this step, which is very courageous for us. Leaving well-trodden paths and also a business model that has secured our income so far. But already last year we noticed that you, our loyal and new Hookie fans, are also ready and open for the future.

So from now on full focus on future concepts in the field of two-wheel mobility. At the moment these are electric motorcycles, but who knows what the future will bring. So let's see what we can move together. We look forward to the future - off to new horizons!