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Any time is a good time for tea!

As you know or probably can imagine, we are huge fans of freshly made coffee in the morning, but never the less we’re also part of the tea drinking community. So at the afternoon, especially on cloudy winter days, we are much more likely to boil up a nice and warm cup of tea, than to press another coffee trough the old Italian Diva.

Five tastes of tea out of five styles of Hookie motorcycles. Throughout the winter days none of us wants to miss the feeling of riding a motorcycle, so over the time we developed our own types of tea in which we tried to convert the styles of our Hookie bikes into different tastes. For example the Scrambler Tea (wild herbs tea) leaves us daydreaming about exciting rides over green fields full of flowers and fresh herbs. The Chopper Tea (Whiskey flavoured black tea) reminds us of the rideouts at summer with camping and bonfire at the lake. Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to transfer smell and taste over the web, but you can trust us, in the very moment, you open the can, the scent of juicy Herbs, strong coffee, or Whiskey will immediately fill your nose.
It’s made with love
All the designs and illustrations on our tea cans are made like our unique Hookie items – every detail counts. So we tried to not miss a single screw and rebuilt every little detail as a graphic. The results are highly detailed blueprints of our Hookie motorcycles.
All we want is to collect the taste of motorcycles
To understand how we decided to connect the styles of motorbikes with the particular taste of tea, we have to take a closer look at the different flavours.
Scrambler Tea
A tea as fresh and wild as a exciting cross country ride. This tea combines all the natural herbs you can find on a wild growing meadow. Additionally the taste is rounded by the scent of apple and orange pieces. This flavour was inspired by our first XT 250 – Deer. Get the fresh taste of Scrambler here. Bobber Tea
A relaxing cruise over long country roads, but also some challenging narrow turns. This way of riding is materialised in our fruit tea.  A whole bunch of different berries mixed with small pieces of apple, create a unique and fruity flavour, which is so intense that it’s no problem to brew it twice. The inspiration to this tea came from our first bobber Jackal. Caferacer Tea
Our all time favourite, the cafe racer. Here we have the perfect mixture of black tea, coffee beans and chocolate bits. This tea is mixed only for Hookie Co and is exclusively available at our store. Already with the first sip, you will feel the adrenalin of past races and high speed coming back at you. The inspiration of this tea was our build for Jean Pierre Krämer – Alcedo. Get the fruity taste of Caferacer here. Flat Track Tea
Fresh and sporty, is how you have to take the curves when you find yourself at a flat track race. This product contains a giant heap of fresh Peppermint and convinces with a fine scent of blood orange, that rounds the taste in a sensual way. When will you be at the race track ( again )? Inspired by our Tasmanian Devil. Get the fresh taste of Flat Track here. Chopper Tea
Do you still remember your last ride out in late summer? Or the last big bbq with friends in a mild summer night? This is exactly what this black tea with Whiskey flavour wants to remind you of. A wild, colourful mixture of cinnamon, coco and other nuts, gives this tea a warm and cosy taste. Here the inspiration came from our Harley Chopper – Foxtrotter. Get the taste of Chopper here. Enjoy the taste of motorcycle!
Get the feeling of riding a bike inside your home. Our different types of motorcycle tea are always good as a gift – for you, for friends or for your family. Brand new, we also offers a Collectors Edition.
While choosing the ingredients for our tea, we were advised an supported by Elke from Teerausch Dresden.

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