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Flying low over the streets

Last year we got a call from Jean Pierre, a famous TV host and one of the biggest German influencers in car tuning. When he came across the picture of our first Honda CB750, he just said “If this image of the CB750 is a real motorcycle, than I definitely want it!” The look of this picture reminded him of a 3D model. This was the beginning of the concept of “Alcedo“. JP said he never had a motorized object which was not build by himself. So obviously we accepted this challenge and started to build him a new Honda CB750 Caferacer.

As soon as the concept was clear, we began to disassemble and rebuild it in 2016. The whole construction took us nearly 5-6 months, which was a little longer than usual, but the birth of our second son slowed us down a little bit. Based on a 1981 Honda CB750 K(Z) we did many changes – new suspension setup with a lowered fork and shocks from YSS, complete rebuild engine with CB900 carbs and air filters, new electronics based on Motogadget, products like an RFID-Keyless system, our CB750 seat cowl and Kustom Tech levers.

In June 2016, we eventually finished this beauty. The best feeling ever is the moment when your bike is ready to hit the streets. JP was already hooked and told us that he will come over for a short visit and a little video shoot. We promise, we were highly excited and nervous at the same time. But JP was pleasant and friendly like you know him from all his videos and he made the situation very enjoyable for us. And finally, on a rainy summer day, we delivered the bike to JP Performance in Dortmund. She just got the perfect spot right in front of the JP Performance Showroom — What an honor!

We called this bike “Alcedo” – With the chrome look and the ice blue turquoise, we got an association of the kingfisher „Alcedo“. The flight of the kingfisher is fast, straight and flat above the water surface, just like the Honda CB will bomb down the streets.

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