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Yamaha XS650: Sometimes miracles come in pairs

Sometimes rebuilding old custom motorcycles is more like a big miracle on two wheels. So we thought – two motorcycles might be better than only one, so we had the troubles twice – but that was not our intended goal. Anyway we had two inquiries for custom builds based on a XS650 from two different clients almost at the same time. But not only the time was identical, also the style the clients where asking for was matching. Both of them wanted a classic caferacer, parallel twin with clean lines and some modern electronic components.

After all the CB750 builds we have done lately, we were hooked and went straight into the fab mode. Our idea was to bring the concept of building two almost identical motorcycles in one story. And so the character of „Whippet“ the dog and „Bengali“ the cat was born. One of our clients was a big catlover and had a „Bengali“ as a daily companion. We loved the idea that he wanted to bring his cat, when coming for picking up his bike from us! Starting from this idea, we designed the main characters for the bikes which reflects each of the characters.

The Yamaha XS650 has a perfect stance right out of the box. The frame is very simple and it has a nice clean look after removing all these unnecessary brackets and holders. Every frame received a rear loop with an integradet LED Rearlight. A small and decent tail section completes the rear end. With a new electronic tray right under the seat and a battery box almost hidden above the swingarm, we achieved a minimalistic look and got to hide all necessary electrics.

On both projects we kept the original gas tanks with their beautiful shape and modified just the “Bengali” gas tank with a small pop up gas cap. The front ends were lowered almost 5cm with internal spacers. Triple trees are original and the new Motogadget Tiny Speedo took a seat on our stainless “Hookie Speedo Bracket”. Both seats are upholstered on a custom aluminum platform with brown leather on the “Bengali” and black alcantara on the “Whippet”. Both engines are complete rebuild and also the carbs don‘t just look like new. A combination between silver and black on the “Bengali” is more of a classic inspiration and on the “Whippet” we worked with anthrazit and flat black fort he first time. Both engines are now running with stainless pipes and some simple exhaust. New air filters are standard at Hookie Co.

The elctronics are based on a Motogadget M.Unit with all neccessary parts like the switches, m.blaze signals, a tiny speedo and a RFID lock. Rounded up with an energy pack from Antigravity (for all nerds it’s running with 8-cell and we can also use for the starter 😉 …).

The paint on each gas tank is done by the talented painter “Chiko” and mainly carry the idea of the cat-and-dog-idea – “Bengali” for example gets the same color as the cat eye iris from our customers cat.

The grey of the “Whippet” is flat with a frosted look.

The delivery of the “Bengali” was celebrated at Hookies place.
At the afternoon on maybe one of the last warm sunny days this year, our customer brought his cat and wife to pick up his Hookie motorcycle. Everyone was pretty excited! The moment the customer sees his motorcycle the first time is always a very special one. Our claim “We build for a relationship, not for people” is more a culture!

So we’re very happy to see, that the owner of “Bengali” loves the look we build it. After an introducing how everything works, of course, he couldn’t resist to drive his bike right away.

We wish both of our customers always a good and safe ride! It was fun to build you an individual motorcycle!

Here you find further informations and detailed pictures about Bengali and Whippet.


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