Questions + Answers from Hookie Co. - Hookie Co.

Questions + Answers from Hookie Co.

Every day we receive tons of questions from you guys out there, mostly about our bikes but also about other aspects in our daily Hookie-life.

We really appreciate your interest in us and what we do, but unfortunately we often can’t deal with all of them in our working process. Sadly lots of questions are left unanswered, because we simply don’t find the time to reply. So in the last few weeks we motivated you to specifically ask questions in order to collect and summarise them for our upcoming Q&A Video. Besides the typical concerns about TÜV/ MOT registration and about our ways to find inspiration, we will also tell you which of our Hookie bikes we like the most so far and what happens when you actually decide to buy a custom made motorcycle from us.

Hopefully we are able to satisfy your curiosity and wish you lots of fun watching the most boring Hookie Episode – the Hookie FAQ.



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