ANT Moto-Kit für Cake Ösa Lite und Plus designed von Hookie Co.

ANT Moto-Kit Cake Ösa

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Availability: Approx. 3-4 weeks

Time to play Hookie with our new ANT Moto-Kit for Cake Ösa. The main body of the Kit is made out of 3mm Aluminum and offers a lot of design opportunities. You can easily mount it with some newly developed 3d printed clamps onto the main frame of the ÖSA. You also gain several options to add luggage in the front area and to change your seat position swiftly. The new plate with the footrest system allows for changes to the footrests position and the seat of the ANT is almost 1cm lower than the stock seat. Just one hook and you can easily pull your rucksack onto the bike. Within the Kit you also have a nice little basket which is located directly on the battery pack. This basket is perfect for some clothes or boxes. With an included rubber band you don’t need to tight your stuff up additionally.

We offer this kit with custom color, just contact us after your order or add a note at the checkout. Express your feelings and values – play Hookie!

ANT Moto-Kit includes:
– LED Koso Headlight with ANT Bracket
– ANT Body (custom color available)
– 3x ANT Bodyshell Brackets
– ANT Brackets
– Battery Basket
– Rucksack Hook
– Seat with Vegan Alcantara (more colors available)
– 1 pair FROZEN Grips
– RAPID Indicators
– LED Taillight Unit
– ANT Footpeg Plate
– Hookie Decal Set
(All parts are handmade in Germany with great attention to detail.)

– Aluminium, Vegan Alcantara, PLA and PA12, Stainless

Read more about the ANT in our journal post.

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 15 kg
Größe 80 × 60 × 30 cm

Unpainted, Custom


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