Wild Dog – BMW R75/5 - Hookie Co.

Be like the snow,
cold but beautiful.

Wild Dog – African hunting dog

Donor Bike: 1973 BMW R75/5
Frame Modifications: Cleaned and reduced, rear frame loop, solo seat brackets
Bodywork: Custom-gastank with modified tunnel, rear and front fender, custom handlebar
Engine: oil filters, adjust valves, original patina
Exhaust: Megaphone style
Front Suspension: 4″ lowered with custom lowering spacers
Rear Suspension: 1.5″ lowered
Tires/Wheels: 19×3.50 Duro HF308, 18×4.00 Duro HF308
Brakes: Standart drum brakes
Electronics: minimal custom wiring, Antigravity 4-Cell Battery, relocated ignition coils
Other Modifications: Solo seat with pillion pad, Small LED-Signals front and rear, Biltwell KungFu Grips

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