Jackal – Yamaha SR250 – Hookie Co.

Slow down,
life is not a race

Jackal – Domestic Dog

Donor Bike: 1980 Yamaha SR250 SE
Frame Modifications:
 Cleaned and reduced, rear frame loop, hidden holder for straps, solo seat brackets
Bodywork: Peanut-Tank with modified tunnel, rear fender is an shorten front fender
Motor: 238ccm in very good conditions with only 10tkm, new seals, oil filters, adjust valves, new paint
Exhaust: custom made with a small absorber
Front Suspension: 3″ lowered with custom lowering spacers
Rear Suspension: YSS Ecoline Shocks
Tires/Wheels: 19×4.00 Firestone Champion DeLuxe, 16×5.00 Firestone Champion DeLuxe
Brakes: Standart drum brakes
Electronics: minimal custom wiring with relocated light-switches, Antigravity 4-Cell Battery
Other Modifications: “Slow Down” Tag in the inside of the gastank, rear light made out of an old lamp socket (now with LED), relocated battery and key-switch, thermobottle holder with leather straps (especially for our “Slow Down” Bottle)

You love the bike?
Than maybe you love the taste of the Bobber tea as well. 


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