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Personal happiness

The Year 2017 was mainly dominated by trial and error, lots of learning and making ideas turn into reality. But something was still missing, the complementary idea, the last piece of the puzzle of Hookie Co. While we’re still thinking about our new orientation and how we could realise it, more and more unpleasant news came through to us. Not too long ago Ed Turner, who always managed to impress and fascinate the whole scene with his extravagant style, declared that he doesn’t want to continue his occupation as a customizer. In his Facebook post he describes how hard it became to actually earn money in this business. Keeping the balance between passion and family and still maintaining quality and design that meets your personal aspirations is a tough thing to do. It costs a lot of time, nerves, sweat and of course also money. Also  “Tin Can Customs” from Amsterdam announced their retirement in July, probably because of the same reasons and is now renting their workbenches as a Co-Working space. Maybe it’s Burnout, maybe it’s a big disappointment about the whole scene and the ongoing trend in the custom world.


Success is measured by the strength of your desire, the size of your dream, and how you handle disappointment along the way.


From our own experiences we can understand all those issues very well. Getting a few thousand “likes” for what you are doing is nice, but how many businesses can make a living solely on “likes”? In the end the only thing that counts is, that you can pay rent at the end of the month. In the past years of Hookie Co. we could observe how it became harder and harder to survive on building motorcycles, eventually we adapted our thinking and even the whole company to it. After being in the business as a full time job for two years, we learned many things about the market and the scene. To be honest, it didn’t make us feel much better. Under the pressure of facts and calculations we let ourselves get pushed into a direction in which we didn’t feel at home. We are designers and imagined Hookie to be something like a creative garage, that can cover all aspects of manufacturing, that pop into our heads. We want to build motorcycles because we love motorcycles and it’s not necessary which style is state of the art. A few set backs and heaps of thoughts later we had a vision of how we want create the future of Hookie.


Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.


We want to go back to where it all started, back into the garage. For us, the garage is a place where the best ideas are born, where we meet up with friends, hang out and have the room to be creative. It’s the symbol for inspiration, relief and compensation to the every day life. We are sure not to be the only ones who feel that way. We put our main focus on balanced, but effective working and want to pass our knowledge and ideas of the perfect workspace into your garages.

In the past days and weeks, plenty of positive feedback has reached us on different ways. At this point we want to say a big “thank you” to our community for always supporting and inspiring us. It creates a piece of happiness to know, there are people out there who share the same ideas and like the way we try to express ourselves. This is one of the biggest motivations you can get.

In future times we will, apart from our premium custom bikes, also offer “Garage Goods”. Always focused in the easier or more appealing workflow. With products we designed and “invented” for us in the first place. We are looking forward to show you the products we created to make the garage a better place. Here you can get the first glimpse of what is coming.

When we learned one thing from being customizers, it’s, that if you have a vision of something, don’t let yourself get put down by failures. Focus on your strengths, stick your passion and if necessary start all over again. We are happy about ever new garage, every new fabricator, who just wants to make things the way he or her think they should be. Soon you will find an insight into the garage scene on our journal, where we will start a new portrait series of designers, customizers, and craftsmen (and women) in their workspaces.

Of course we are extremely excited on your reactions to our new Garage Goods and the new Website.

Have fun exploring and shopping and always enjoy the good(s)!

The Hookie Team

P.S.:  Our custom motorcycle parts are not completely gone, but they are strongly limited and will only be sold on special occasions. To make sure you don’t miss any you will see them as a teaser in the shop, including the date. Then you will have a 48 hour time space to make your orders. This way we want to ensure shorter shipping periods for you.


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