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Triumph T100R: New “race only” project

I have a personal “Must Have” list of motorcycles which I want to own and build.

One of which is a classic Triumph T100, especially a Short/Flat Track version. It must be “Race Only”, and without any necessary paperwork to get it street legal. This particular model of Triumph is not so easy to come by here in Germany… but luckily, a few weeks before Christmas, Sideburn Magazine posted this project for sale: Triumph T100 Project for Sale

On the first sight, it was a must have for me! So after a few email exchanges with the seller to find out a bit more about the bike, I organised the shipping from London to Hookie Co. It was quite easy – Thanks for the quick shipping via Chas Mortimer Ltd | Motorcycle Transportation

One week later the Triumph arrived at our shop, and I was more than happy to receive this early Christmas present for myself. It looks great! But with every project, I faced some major problems. The frame was not original (but it was known to me prior to purchase), the engine looked really good, but it is not in running conditions. The carbs are totally seized and unrepairable, and brakes were unfortunately also in a non-functional state.

I decided to take the Triumph apart and see what I can do to fix the engine mounts, and fabricate some new brackets for the frame. But in the end, it wasn’t only the engine mounts, it was also the position of the engine. The engine was just 3cm above the swingarm axle, if I was to run this current setup without modifications, I would have lots of problems with the rear suspension clearance. So I decided to cut the upper frame off and rework all necessary mounts and brackets. I also cut the main tube to modify the rake. From a very low rake which was at 33°, to a flat track oriented rake with 27,5°.  


For more stability, a bracket was added to the frame –  for more personalisation, the words “Race Only” laser cut into the center of the plate. The original rear engine mount was removed, and a new one was fabricated using 5mm steel plates. When the Triumph was first delivered to me, the previous owner had only used 2 lower mounts for the engine. So I decided use the upper mounts again, regaining stability for the engine. New upper frame tubes are made out of 25x2mm steel and all gaskets are laser cut steel between 3-5mm. The engine is now mounted with no offset between the swingarm axle and drive pinion. The complete rear loop was also reworked and now it has a small amount of upsweep for more tire clearance.

Having invested almost 4 days to improve the frame and making sure the engine was in the correct position, the frame was now ready for a quick mock up on wheels and start working on the little things like footrest brackets, oil tank, fender and solo seat mounts. To be continued.


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