Markus Flossmann and his Honda CB250 - Hookie Co.

Markus Flossmann and his Honda CB250

We met Markus the first time in February 2016 – he spotted Hookie Co. in a print featuring of a Motorcycle-Mag and was instantly crazy about our first Honda CB750. Markus was looking for a small and aggressive bike, which he can easily drive on the street. As he is a very sporty and experienced driver, we thought a little Honda CB250 fits him perfectly. After some calls we defined the concept and donor bike, which would be the best for a sleek and small caferacer.

Markus Flossmann is the founder and CEO of YT-Industries, one of the biggest gravity mountain bike brands in the world.

It all started 1998, when Markus was biking the first time. At that time he was always more motivated in having a good time with his friends, than spending time on trail. Because of that his basic idea was to find a way to build competitive dirt-jump bikes without spending a fortune. It should have been just simple rad bikes for young talents. Since then, there were more and more passionate drivers, who shared the same philosophy and joined the YT family. All of them embody one thing – GOOD TIMES.

Funnily that was what made it look like the perfect fit from the beginning on since Hookie Co. shares exactly the same spirit. The two claims “It’s all about good times” and “Enjoy the good” both are much more than words, they express our mutual philosophy to life.

The combination of Hookie Co. and YT was one of a kind and the whole workflow was a pleasure. Not only because of that, more because of Markus open and cordial style, the building process was absolutely a fun thing. The end of all that was a newborn solid little aggressive caferacer, that is definitely ready for the “republic”.

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