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Magpie – Ducati Scrambler Icon 800

From Inspiration to innovation – This was the target for our latest build – Magpie / Ducati Scrambler Icon 800.

When the donor bike came to us, it was clear that we liked the overall looks of the bike, apart from some small detailing. The Italian styling, minimal yet futuristic without being overwhelming, but in saying this, no bikes leave Hookie.Co with just a simple paint job. 
After speaking to our client on what he would like to see in our vision, it was clear that the client was hooked and very inspired by our “WOLF CB750”. The signature Hookie.Co blacked out detailing, minimal yet strong in present, but the end result must make a statement – Play Hookie.

As always, we started with a blank canvas, by striping parts off the bike we thought needs to be changed to make this Italian stallion more personalised to our client. As with most of our builds, we always retain the street legality of the motorcycle, hence, no modifications were made to the frame or essential electronic components.

Once the build got underway, a clear design was visualised, a new line was stablished from the fuel tank towards the rear of the bike, transforming the overall side profile looks. A new tail and seat pan was designed, inspired by a combination of our own Hawk Tail and Wolf Tail. This new seat pan design is fitted and flows over the frame, displaying the curves of the factory main frame, giving it a subtle aggressive looks, while keeping everything minimal and futuristic. An integrated rear brake light unit is built into the seat pan, keeping everything simple and sleek. The seat pan/tail combination was hand crafted using aluminium, along with a custom under-seat mounting tray which keeps all necessary electronics and cables in place. 
To complete the overall styling, a new set of side covers were designed to work in conjunction with the seat pan, sharpening the side profile, tucking in the rear to reflect the new slimline design of the new rear section of the bike. 

Other features including some of our in-house products as well as our favourite after market equipment: Kellermann Atto Signals front and rear, with our in-house 3D printed mounting bracket on the front, Hookie License plate, Motogadget m.view Mirrors, LSL adjustable clutch and brake lever, as well as LSL low Handlebar, and finally, a new set of tyres was swapped in the form of Pirelli MT60, giving this Italian Stallion the grip around those twisties.


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