Die ersten Griffe mit individuellem Design - FROZEN° von Hookie Co.

FROZEN° drop

Every single part of Hookie Co. isn’t just a style thing – our mission is to create and develop parts with style, function and an idea behind. Our newest drop called FROZEN° is a playful interpretion of transparency’s and liquids.

It looks like ice – frozen water and something in it. Our FROZEN° grips are one of a kind and plays with a completly new function of grips. A translucent grip paired with playful hookie designs. Just a simple idea with a big effect. After several prototypes of molds, forms, shapes and grips – we found the perfect one. The FROZEN° grips are made out of silicon, which is also used for medical tools. It is completly resistant to UV, chemicals, fuel, oil, sweat, water, sand, heat, fire (almost) and snow too. Nothing will rub off here. Combined with some unique Hookie decals you can now start to customize your handlebar too.

To complete our FROZEN° themed parts, we thinked about some small parts too … one thing which everyone knows, but everyone keep it like it is … the valve cap. Maybe the most boring part of every motorcycle has now a new way of life. Our FROZEN° valve caps combines function and style at once. We say goodbye to the thread and say hello to the “plug” function. Now it’s totally easy to open the cap with motorcycle gloves on and with our tiny loop on it you can’t loose it.

And like every product of Hookie Co. our FROZEN° collection is completly made in-house. We printed the molds, we do the silicon injections, we do the graphics, we package your package and we’re totally proud to do this for the world of customs. Play hookie and order your FROZEN° parts now!


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