"Crafting Passion" a film by Tobias Linden - Hookie Co.

“Crafting Passion” a film by Tobias Linden

In our recent journal we would like to give you some insights and thoughts about our film “Crafting Passion” by Tobias Linden. The film shot on 3 days simply delights us. His team of highly professionals, light technicians,  movie assistants and Tobias as the director made a film that couldn’t represent Hookie any better. We hope you enjoy the video and ideas of Tobias Linden as much as we do.

We say thank you to all who were involved in this project and we are looking forward to hopefully another one. 


A couple of years ago, while browsing through a multitude of websites on motorcycles, I suddenly stumbled upon a rebuild of a Honda CB750 that instantly caught my attention due to its distinctive, sleek and futuristic design. It was something I hadn’t seen before in terms of motorcycle design and seemed more like a concept bike than anything that’s actually ready for a weekend joy ride on twisty roads. Additionally, I saw a company that did not only build beautiful looking machines, but deeply cared about its visual appearance and design, in general. This company was Hookie Co. Ultimately, Hookie’s unique visual language and approach to design became a source of inspiration for me and thus the film ‘Hookie Co – Crafting Passion.’


While conceiving the idea for the film, I always reminded myself that this should neither be a commercial, nor a documentary in the classical sense. Instead, I wanted to create a hybrid that merges the best of two worlds. In other words, I wanted to tell the personal story of Nico, convey his passion for design, the build process and the lifestyle of motorcycling, while at the same time, craft something engaging and cinematic with moody and evocative images.

As with all my projects, I started writing the treatment that both serves as a starting point and helps to convey the vision to anyone involved in the making of the film. At this stage, I initially planned on telling the story quite linearly and show the whole process of building a motorcycle in three acts. From design (act 1), to production (act 2) and the finished piece (act 3) at the end. However, during the three-day shoot, it quickly became clear to me that this story wasn’t meant to be told in a linear fashion. This film had to convey the same energy and passion that Nico and his crew put into crafting every bike. Eventually, this meant cutting down 25 minutes of interviews to roughly 2 minutes and picking out the most important parts, for example. It also meant turning a how into a why. ‘Why did Nico decide to start his own moto design company?’ suddenly became the far more interesting question and ultimately inspired the edit and overall style of the film.

Having this central question in the back of our minds, we were now able to break free from the initial structure and made a film that serves this question. Heavy use of cross-cutting allowed us to tell several stories and parts at once without having to wait for the big bike reveal at the end, for example. In my opinion, this resulted in a far more engaging and energetic film than simply adhering to the linear structure. Huge props to my editor Antonio who relentlessly fought his way through 2.4 terabytes of footage and helped me shape the final outcome.


Style and technicalities

Energetic, authentic, evocative. These three words should inspire the overall tone and feel of ‘Hookie Co – Crafting Passion.’ In terms of cinematography, we chose to shoot the majority of scenes handheld in order to evoke a very naturalistic, free-flowing feel. Pairing Cooke anamorphic lenses with the Red Epic-W Helium 8K further resulted in a fairly organic and cinematic image that has a kind of painterly quality to it. Shooting these lenses wide open also introduced some aberrations like geometric distortions and slightly blurry edge focus, which helps to take the edge of the digital image and let things appear a bit more raw and, in fact, authentic. For me, it’s the small details and decisions in terms of lens choice and lighting that impact a project’s overall perception.

Speaking of lighting, I’m a big proponent of darkness in the image. Therefore, we went with a small lighting package mainly consisting of one Joker 800 with a large softbox, some Kino Flos and negative fill that we typically supplemented with warm practicals that were already there (i.e. desk lamp). Additionally, we employed some haze to create some atmosphere and depth in the image. Well, a lot of haze, actually… For exterior scenes, we used only available light in conjunction with handheld bounce boards and negative fill to refine what was already there.


Final words

Working with the guys (and Sylvia) from Hookie has been a blast, to say the least. You’re not getting to work with like-minded creative individuals every day who are deeply passionate about their craft and truly love what they do. That’s why I hope the film can convey the passion and dedication we felt during the making of this film.

Big thanks to my crew whose work was imperative to the success of the film!

Website — dreamland films

Text written by Tobias Linden | dreamland films




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