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My other bike is street legal

Most of you already know our Harley Davidson 883 in its “Flat Track Version” form several posts on Instagram and features on Pipeburn. You also might already know that it’s the personal ride of Nico Müller, founder and head of Hookie Co. but there is also quiet a story behind it. Interested? Here you go!

Whats so special about Flat Track Races? Everyone who is interested in the origins of American motorcycles will come around footage and documentaries of Flat Track Races in the early 1900’s. Brands like Harley and Indian used this kind of competition to show off the abilities of their bikes. The races were hard and it was not only about who first crosses the line but could in the end decide about the whole fortune of the brand. In addition to that, other than for example in Sprint Races, the riders were a huge factor, too. Anyone who rides a bike probably has tried to drift on it and discovered, that it’s not as simple as it looks. So, being able to handle a motorcycle like this on the basis of a race competition means first, that the rider needs some certain skills and training and second, that the bike’s performance and handling has to be perfectly tuned to the needs and proportions of its rider. From the view point of a designer the stands and stylistic of those machines, reduced to the minimum, optimised in performance and usually dirty, get Nico hooked any time.

So after trimming his old BMW R75/5 into something like a Trackbike and rumbling around on frozen fields and snowy gravel roads in winter he realised that the BMW boxer engine has not necessarily the best features to ride sideways. Let’s say the left cylinder tend to touch ground and soon needed a new footsealing. By spring he had sold the BMW but on the other hand already applied to the Flat Track Race within the Wildays festival in Italy.

Shortly before the Festival this 1991 Harley Davidson Sportster fell from the sky, so in only four days of work, Nico’s new race bike was born. Anything that was not absolutely necessary came off, including front break, belt drive and the whole electric system except for ignition and kill switch. The fuel tank was minimised, the right engine cover was chopped and a seat pan out of aluminium with mini subframe was fit to the rear end. Together with a 19” rear wheel and Goldentyre Dirttrack tires the machine was ready to race.

After some fun, wild and dirty days in Italy, summer in Germany came to its peak and the Sportster had to be back on the road as soon as possible. So in several “after work sessions” Nico’s flat tracker got his front break back and additionally a headlight from 4XLED, indicators (combination with rear-/brakelight in the back), horn and license plate. As the handling is already optimised the bike can be ridden on streets just fine, another bonus of flat track bikes.

So summer was saved, but in late autumn the “Allride Motoshow” in Prague came up and Nico wanted to present the flat track race machine, he had in his mind all the time, to the public. The Sporty was close but not quiet there yet, so within another two weeks of work it got a complete makeover. All frame parts were repainted and received an freshly painted engine with glas media blasted side covers and fresh EMD XR rocker covers. Swing arm and wheel bearings were renewed and the front fork overhauled. Finally tank and seat pan became glossy black with red highlights and there it was – the race bike of Nico’s dreams.

But what would you think of us if one of our bikes could not be ridden on open roads? Shortly after the show in Prague the head light came back on this time together with a numberplate made out of Makrolon and integrated almost invisible Kellermann „Bullet Atto“ indicators.

Conclusion: Yes, you can customise a bike within four days. In total it took us about one month to build it in it’s different versions, it’s the hell of a fun to ride and it sounds way better than the BMW. At least that’s what Nico says. Wanna see it move? Here is the new episode of Hookie on Youtube:

Your other bike is street legal too? Have a look at our Flat Tracker Bundle.



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