Bella Italia – our recap of "Wildays" 2018 - Hookie Co.

Bella Italia – our recap of “Wildays” 2018

“From the sunny germany, to the sunny italia” same as last year we went to the motorcycle themed festival which is called “Wildays”. Three days fully packed with adventures, custom bikes, sun burns and pizzas. On the first weekend of June we arrived at the festival area which was established close to Parma, Italy. Located at the L’Autodromo Riccardo Paletti the event gives the perfect playground for all kinds of moto friends. Our stand was equipped with some new Hookie Goodies like our Hookie Bundles and some of our motorcycles. The “Tasmanian Devil” to go left on the flat track and our “Hyena” to enjoy the back roads of bella Italia. Additionally we took the “Wolf” with us to be shown on the BikeExif stand. Our cozy casa was located 1 hour from the L’Autodrome and literally in the middle of nowhere. It was an amazing feeling to ride “home” and enjoy really stunning roads and sunsets.

Check out our newest episode with some moments of wildays and some details about the “Hyena” Honda NX650:



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