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10 Facts about Hookie Co.

Things you always wanted to know about us but never had the courage to ask — Or you just simply didn’t mind. 1. We just do what we love, not what we were educated in. (Maybe that’s why we are so good at it) Nico and Sylvia, founders and heads of Hookie are educated designers, once they started to also design their own lives the way it suits them, it turned out that motorcycles are the key to happiness. Now Sylvia is doing all the business stuff and the marketing of the brand while Nico is hand crafting every little piece of metal on our bikes and on top of that he is responsible for the whole design and t-shirts and stickers and and and… David first became an IT – Specialist, before he did a further education for Visual Arts. After that he startet his own business as a freelance photographer. Now he takes care of all the photos and videos you can admire on Instagram and YouTube. Of course he also likes to wrench on old motorcycles, so he jumps in wherever a hand is needed in the garage. After working as a carpenter for two years and trying to see as much of the world as possible, Christoph started to study mechanical engineering. That turned out to be a huge pain in the … So he dropped out and now takes care of all the mechanical and electrical aspects of our bikes as he did on his own for several years already.

2.  The only coffee machine in our workspace is an old, almost ancient Micro Cimbali. As Nico is the only one who gets proper coffee out of this Italian diva, everyone of us only gets one coffee a day. It’s the best coffee we know though, come along and check it out.

3. Most of the time our garage is cleaner and more tidy than our personal homes. Maybe this is why we spend more time there than at home, or was it the other way round?

4. Buy cheap, buy twice. In its two years of existence, the Hookie Co garage has finished of three welding machines, each one was more expensive than the one before it. Now we own two already quiet professional welding machines, one for steel and one for aluminum. Let’s see how long…

5. Make the best of what you have. The first of the, by now famous, Hookie CB 750 seat cowls was built using an old fire extinguisher and a metal trash can. Nico ran around the whole building trying to find things with the right shape, on which he could bend steel the right way. What came out stands for itself.

6. They are always, everywhere. Annoying neighbours. In our case we have one special candidate, who actually once hopped the fence of our backyard and tried to pull Nico of his bike when he fired up his Harley for the first time. Since that we take a baseball bat with us on test rides.

7. Being asked what they would take on a desert island Nico and Sylvia both immediately replied: “Definitely condoms”. As they already have two sons, they probably know what they’re talking about.

8. One thing all of us have in common, is that each of us started customising, restoring, wrenching (and riding, but psssst) old motorcycles before even having a drivers license. Nico and David worked on Yamaha (XS 650 and XS 400) while Christoph played around on any kind of ex – soviet crap. Form 50ccm two stroke up to 750ccm four stroke with side car attached. He is still riding one as a daily ride btw.

9. Everyone of us has a favourite tool.  Nico: Hammer, he can build everything, just give him a hammer. Sylvia: ToDo Lists, someone has to keep an eye on the progress. David: Ratchet, it’s almost as multifunctional as he is. Christoph: Sandblaster, makes old greasy and rusty parts nice and clean.

10. Doing what you like vs. earning money. Trying to make a living on something you do with so much passion and on such a high level can put you into hard times. We really like to ride our bikes, but most of the time we are occupied building them. (Non of us manages to ride more than 2000 km a year.) That’s why our codex is so important for us. ‘Enjoy the good’ is a reminder, that we never forget why we’re doing the way we work or live. There will be more kilometers next year for sure!


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