New: COBRA R NineT - a modern and fresh caferacer by Hookie Co.

As fast as it bites – Cobra BMW R NineT

The venom of cobra is by birth.
Humans poison are a result of their character.

I’m sure few of us have had the pleasure of seeing a living cobra. With its majestic presence, when it raises its head to fight with its fast movements, the cobra fascinates us. Already the gods of the kingdom of Lower Egypt used the character of the cobra. As a symbol of protection, it guards the gates of the underworld, fends off the enemies of the kings and accompanies the deceased pharaohs on their journey. The cobra was thus the perfect character for our BMW R NineT and formed the character-giving basis for the complete design language.

The Moto-Kit taken a step further

The entire conversion is based, similar to the BMW RNineT Scrambler CHAMELEON, on our inhouse produced Moto-Kit. Already during the development of the kit in 2018, we knew there definitely had to be another Moto-Kit with Caferacer DNA. After quite a few challenges that a new product development brings with it, we finally started developing the COBRA in the summer of 2019. Already in October 2019, we presented the design concept for the first time as a concept study and as a clay model at the Allride Show in Prague. At the end of 2019, the CAD development of the COBRA began and this process unfortunately devoured a lot of time. The shapes were adjusted and perfected down to the last detail multiple times. Weeks and months passed until the first prototype could be manufactured.

Sustainable material mix 

Talking about “sustainability” in motorcycle design is the biggest challenge and mission for us at the moment and for the future. This presents us with special challenges in the choice of materials and also in manufacturing. The tank cover on our Scrambler moto kit, for example, was handmade from recycled carbon and is particularly durable. The tank cover of the COBRA, however, with its shapes and lines, is unsuitable for carbon fibre, so we decided to use a 3D printing process with AE12 material for the cover of the COBRA. The 3D printing process gives us the necessary flexibility in design and also has an environmentally friendly footprint in manufacturing, as only small amounts of heat/electricity are needed and consequently less CO2 is emitted. All other components, such as the “wings” that sit above the air filter boxes, are made of aluminum or PA12. 

The Details make the Design

Like the CHAMELEON, the COBRA uses the same tank concept. The 12l aluminum tank is used instead of the original fuel tank. Our subframe, adapted to the Cobra concept, is installed at 5 existing mounting points. The subframe was narrowed in the seat area by 40mm and offers the driver the possibility to fix the bike very well between the legs. The tail section is based on our signature Hawk tail and is finished on the “Cobra” with an all-round red LED highlight made of 6mm thick acrylic glass. The short seat fits perfectly into the silhouette of the COBRA and was slightly raised at the transition to the tank. Due to our design with a separate tank, we were able to incorporate a new style element into the tank cover. With a small cutout we show the red powder coated aluminum tank which sits underneath the cover. Distinctive knee dents offer the rider perfect support but also a unique look. Combined with the new air filter housings and the aluminum “Airwings” mounted on them, we not only connect the shapes, but also hide cables and connectors. 

The front of the COBRA lives from its minimal design. Our Thunderbolt Fairing fits seamlessly into the concept and the new front fender completes the design of the COBRA perfectly. 2 additional acrylic light units are used as a highlight, which immerses the COBRA in the overall picture like a surreal and at the same time striking artefact. A bit of cyberpunk for the streets. 

Head over to our Cobra Portfolio to enjoy more photos and technical specs


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