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Always keep your opportunities open

Our new BMW R100/7 — The Hammerhead Shark is a widely feared predator, even amongst other sharks. It’s known to be a highly specialised hunting machine, that is almost always looking for prey. His biggest advantage, compared to other sharks, lays in its orientation skills. Thanks to its, let’s say extravagant, shape of head the Hammerhead is able to see, smell and detect electromagnetic fields with much higher accuracy than most of the other fish in the sea. That means, it is almost impossible to hide from this fella, who is, due to his size and to the fact that he always has to keep moving to prevent from sinking to the ground of the ocean, rarely satisfied with what’s in his stomach …

As sharks, in general, seem to be somewhat ancient creatures of the deep sea, who have already been on this planet, in times where the dinosaurs still were ‘round, their “construction and design” is quiet simple and strictly focused on their purpose, hunting. If you want to imitate that, what other bike pops to your head than one of the old BMW Airheads?

The BMW R100 is known for its reliability and kind of stands for “high quality German engineering”. Its heart is the combination of engine, gearbox and airfilter, that seems to be built for eternity. Attached to a maintenance-free shaft drive, this is a machine that will go and go and go once it’s 24 litre stomach is filled. During the build the already minimalistic lines of the BMW have been cleared even more by moving the ANTIGRAVITY Battery below the gearbox and hiding all other electronic components underneath the R100 stock tank. Here also sits the new M-Unit Blue which was send to us even before it was sold on the market. We spend plenty of time playing around with all the new features coming along with it, before deciding to put it into this bike … we can say it definitely is a fun thing to play with. Special feature coming up on our website, stay tuned.

The rear frame is entirely handmade from 25mm steel tube, but goes along with YSS shocks in original length. It is able to either carry two persons or plenty of luggage for long trips. The frontend was lowered about 10cm and equipped with holders for indicators and the Trucklite LED Headlight. Speaking of, there have also been two additional LED spotlights mounted, to make sure you will find your way even through the darkest valley.

Like the rest of the frame parts the BMW “snowflake” rims were powdercoated and hooked up with Continental Twinduro TKC80 all terrain tires. Wether you want to go on paved roads for long distances or switch to rough paths through the woods they will provide the best possible performance. As its future owner lives on a small farm in the Austrian Alpes, this Hammerhead shark will spend its life illuminating dark valleys and hunting down stock bikes for breakfast.


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