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We introduce the new future moto lab of Hookie. Advanced° is our playground for previously undiscovered materials, varied design and the chance to add a Hookie part immediately.

Advanced Designs
Advanced Materials
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No rules
More creativity
Advanced° parts

As we build parts over almost 4 years now. We listened and now we answer.
Unique and universal parts for custom motorcycles. Ready to bold on your bike.
When do you start? Experience now our first range.

ADV° Hawk Tail
for SR / XS / CB

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ADV° Thunderbolt Headlight Fairing

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ADV° Indicator Brackets

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ADV° Indicator Brackets
for Ducati Scrambler

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Advanced° Materials to discover the undiscovered. Surfaces and properties to stay curious.


The fine powder based on polyamide 12 with its very balanced property profile offers a wide range of applications.


Components made of ABS material have higher strength, flexibility and durability.


Three-dimensional metal printing is an additive, tool-free powder bed process, i.e. objects are built up in layers. This allows the production of complex internal structures.


A highly transparent material which is produced by SLA processes. It can be produced with different degrees of clarity.

Advanced° Now

We’re a community that loves design and building things by its own. We want to give you the stage you deserve.
Share your build by using the hashtag #hookieadv and we spread your talent.

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