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As designers it is our task to find solutions. Solutions that facilitate the motorcycle conversion, and solutions that help to further optimize the motorcycle as a design object. This is our passion and also our motivation. In order to follow this path consistently, it is no longer enough to simply use steel and aluminium for our add-on parts. Too much effort into handmade parts and most of them are still almost unique. But we wouldn’t call ourselves a Moto-Design Company if we didn’t go one step further. By nature we are curious and it is obvious to test new technologies, techniques and materials. The 3D technology has really inspired our ideas in the last months. So this new form of product development potentiates our idea in finding and facilitate the implementation considerably. With our new lab Advanced° by Hookie Co. we will now let our creativity off the leash and develop new, universal parts. We will test new materials, try out surfaces and offer more creative solutions.
But how did ist start? Well, the new form of product solution was actually created when designing the BMW RNineT Chameleon in 2018, and the Yamaha Yard Build also lacked parts and solutions to make the design perfect in the end. On the one hand there were practical solutions like the Lowering Kit to bring the speedo lower and to set it on a better line with the headlight, on the other hand we needed a discreet solution to fix the acrylic panels. With all these ideas, the metal production was too complex and in the end too expensive, so we simply visualized these parts in 3D ourselves and printed them in-house. After we received some inquiries and also the demand for universal attachments has grown a lot, the idea came up to develop new parts in an extra idea-LAB which allows us to play with other materials and surfaces. We now offer these parts as 3D print, but we are sure that this is only the beginning! Nico Müller (designer and creator of ideas) is mainly responsible for the ADV Lab. He works closely with David Hrlic (industrial designer) to visualize all parts and to test some of them as clay models before the 3D visualizing. All developed parts go through a very complex design process of several weeks.
From now on you can always be happy about new products and try out new materials yourself. It will be a new world that gives us more flexibility and even more focus on design. We think outside the box and the new design for the BMW RNineT Cafe Racer, for example, has already benefited greatly from the ADV° Lab and will finally be officially launched at the end of March.

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