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3 WILD DAYS in Italy

For the Hookie Co. family it meant 3 days of pure nature, motorcycles and festival feeling in Italy at Wildays. Starting in Dresden, we were heading to Parma, Italy. Indeed it is a long trip, but on the way we got to see a lot. Passing the Alps, short break at Lake Garda and heading to the Emilia Romagna region with its Apennine Mountains in the south gave us some breathtaking views.

Parma, the city of bacon? Even though Parma is famous for its bacon and parmesan cheese, we experienced a lot more than just food. The Wilday’s program offered a huge variety of races, competitions and get togethers for the motorbike community. Not to forget the show off of Italy’s motorcycle scene, with its vintage, classic and special motorbike builds. We also had the chance to meet the dudes from Vagabund-Moto Paul & Philipp, as well as Andrew from Pipeburn and others. Get on it and just ride! The hilly, dusty off-road track was perfect for motorcoss. On the racing track it got even faster. Our harley davidson sportster 883 showed off at the flat track race, making a lasting impression. The sporty ran circles in the oval as long as the rear-wheel break started struggling. Did we mention the temperature yet? The hot, costal climate up to 30 degrees made us sweat bullets during day. Good thing the festival was located next to the river where it was perfect to deal with the heat – hell yeah! At night it got cold luckily associated with a crystal clear view of the sky. Stay tuned for our next trip to Great Britain in July. Enjoy the Good!


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