Pure Motorcycles

Our custom builds will astonish you.


We think, you only can reach real achievements, with hard working hands and of course some good ideas. Therefore we build almost everything by hand and with a strict look for quality and design.


Slow progress is better than no progress – we don't build motorcycles in a production of series. We build them with much love, care and concentration on every detail. Therefore, we take the time it needs.


"Nothing is immpossible" — This isn’t just a quote, it’s more like a religion. All of our motorcycles are build to drive on the road, but still they're a piece of art. With a reflected and meaningful design, we promise you the real adventure.

Special Projects

Jackal – Yamaha SR250

Black Mamba – Honda CB550

Latest Projects

YT – Honda CB250

Panther – Honda CB750

Alcedo – Honda CB750

Wild Dog – BMW R75/5

Gazelle – Yamaha XT250

More Motorcycles in progress

Our 5-points, which get you closer to your dream bike

You bring a motorcycle license.

You bring some ideas, but not the skills to build your dream motorcycle.

You bring a budget over 10k.

You bring enough time to wait more than 2 month for a custom motorcycle.

You trust in our design expertise and give us free hand in building.

Then please contact us and we love to build a pure Hookie Co. motorcycle for you.