Always keep your opportunities open

Our new BMW R100/7 — The Hammerhead Shark is a widely feared predator, even amongst other sharks. Its known to be a highly specialised hunting machine, that is almost always looking for prey. His biggest advantage, compared to other sharks, lays in its orientation skills.

Fortune favours the bold

It’s a normal tuesday morning at Hookie Co. — the garage door swipes up and the room gets filled with the golden light of bright shining autumn sun. Our “Microcimbali” is already boiling and Nico brews the first Espresso of the day. The Spotify playlist mixed up some good vibes while we sit down to our daily morning meeting.

The fairing of the Black Mamba

Did you know that already? The black mamba is widely perceived as the deadliest snake on the planet. Bringing the venom character into a motorcycle was our biggest challenge so far. We knew it needs to be small, slim and cautious. But the head must be clean with a toxic look.

Hookie venom ice for hot days!

It’s getting cold as ice, baby!

This post is all about how to surprise your girlfriend and to earn some „best-boyfriend“ credits. Therefore we prepared a little recipe that tells you how to make a fresh poison ice all by yourself. Are you ready?

Tokyo – Making the most out of the small things

As you guys seem to be interested in custom motorcycles, you probably know that some of the most famous and maybe also most crazy bike shops are located in Japan. Especially in and around Tokyo. Our mechanic Christoph recently had the chance to visit an old school buddy who moved to Yokohama last year. Here is what he came back with:

How to – Under Seat Electronics

We’re often asked where we put all the electronics and the battery to keep the overall look for our Honda CB750 Caferacer clean and simple? With every build we did over the last months and years we by the time developed and designed a simple Under Seat Tray, which provides enough space for all necessary electronic parts. In our following “How to” we show you, how it works and what you need to get your custombike done:

Ilya Morgan and his CB750

Ilya just got his black Hookie CB750 „Vultur“ and he was so happy about it, that we decided to share this special moment with you. During the whole process, he became more than a normal customer to us. So, we would love to introduce him now with some little questions:

3 WILD DAYS in Italy

For the Hookie Co. family it meant 3 days of pure nature, motorcycles and festival feeling in Italy at Wildays. Starting in Dresden, we were heading to Parma, Italy. Indeed it is a long trip, but on the way we got to see a lot. Passing the Alps, short break at Lake Garda and heading to the Emilia Romagna region with its Apennine Mountains in the south gave us some breathtaking views.

Road trip to Wildays

Earlier this year we got the invitation to stay at a new motorcycle festival called „Wildays“ in Parma, Italy. A festival with races, music and camping. And not only because of the festival but also because of the beautiful country we fell in love at first sight. But together with the excitement also the stress came up. Next to all the organizational work we also had our race bike that was not ready yet. So we decided to first focus on the bike and get it done as soon as possible. At that point we only had 4 weeks left to finish all and plan the crazy trip itself.