Author: Sylvia Petrasch

Markus Flossmann and his Honda CB250

We met Markus the first time in February 2016 – he spotted Hookie Co. in a print featuring of a Motorcycle-Mag and was instantly crazy about our first Honda CB750. Markus was looking for a small and aggressive bike, which he can easily drive on the street. As he is a very sporty and experienced driver, we thought a little Honda CB250 fits him perfectly. After some calls we defined the concept and donor bike, which would be the best for a sleek and small caferacer.

Flying low over the streets


Last year we got a call from Jean Pierre, a famous TV host and one of the biggest German influencers in car tuning. When he came across the picture of our first Honda CB750, he just said “If this image of the CB750 is a real motorcycle, than I definitely want it!” The look of this picture reminded him of a 3D model. This was the beginning of the concept of “Alcedo“. JP said he never had a motorized object which was not build by himself. So obviously we accepted this challenge and started to build him a new Honda CB750 Caferacer.

About Hookie Co. – Part 1


Do you know those ideas that don’t let you sleep at night? With the idea of Hookie Co. it was the same. We wanted to challenge our creativity and create something that would survive the time – so in 2015 we started Hookie Co. as an official business and moved into our new garage. This was one of the most thrilling moments when we switch from 50qm to nearly 300qm – then the challenge started.